Sir Anton's Work

Professor Anton worked ceaselessly towards a better and brighter future for all. His accomplishments and deeds are many. As an authority of many branches of medicine, he has authored over 54 books and co-authored many more. His Manual of Clinical Acupuncture has to date sold more than a million and a half copies worldwide.

But perhaps his greatest achievement was his founding of the OIUCM and its free treatment clinic in Sri Lanka. Today the Anton Jayasuriya Memorial Hospital is attended by 200-300 patients daily to receive free treatment. Since it’s founding in 1962, the OIUCM has qualified into the 100,000s of doctors and practitioners. And it was through Professor Anton’s great teachings that many of these practitioners are continuing on His legacy, working towards a brighter future, and helping people all over the world.

100 moods of Sir Anton

Acupuncture Workshop

Acupuncture Anaesthesia during cesarean section

Memorial Car Museum

Congress 1978

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